About Under

UNDER draws inspiration from the timeless silhouettes and classic comfort of mid century undergarments, with a focus on plastic reduction, sustainability and ethical production. 

All UNDER garments are made from 100% organic cotton and natural rubber in Los Angeles, CA.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

All Under garments are made from organic cotton, created without the use of harsh chemicals and ethically crafted right here in the United States.

Our primary goal is to become plastic free. Currently our fabrics do contain a small amount of spandex for comfort and stretch, but the elastic used for our waistbands is made from an extremely durable, biodegradable rubber.

Accessibility is a principal player on the sustainability stage. Too often it can feel like in order to choose well-made, ethically crafted products, you have to spend in a way that isn’t always, well — sustainable. We will always work to be as fairly priced as possible without sacrificing quality in the process.

Above all, we believe transparency is key — it’s fair to ask why something is at a higher cost from one fabric to another or what our plans are for becoming even more sustainable. We want to keep an open dialogue as we evolve, for our benefit and yours.

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